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Letting Agents- How to Utilize Their Services

The majority of those people trying to find a rental property will utilize letting agents as a matter of course. This is because letting agents should typically make the process simpler, take much of the legwork out of finding properties and also should provide the accountability that a professional body brings. The latter point, the responsibility of letting agents to uphold their reputation is one of the more important factors in why people choose agency services, as if anything does happen to go wrong, there is a form of fallback for the renter.

Good letting agents will strive to find customers properties that suit their needs; for instance, the number of bedrooms, the location, proximity to local amenities and whether pets come into the equation should all be included in the process for the agent.

As well as providing an effective service, letting agents should be able to perform their work in a courteous manner, ensuring that both landlord and tenant are treated fairly and given up to date, accurate information at all stages of the process. That said, before using letting agents it is essential that they earn their fee, and live up to their professional responsibilities.

When trying to find a rental property it is normal practice to leave your details with as many different agents as possible.

Remember that a letting agent will only ever call if a property has come onto their books that matches the criteria you have given them. They will not act as your personal property hunter meaning the emphasis for proactive searching should be focussed upon your shoulders.

If an agent has nothing on their books at that time you details will be filed, but it is likely they will be removed in time.

Typically it is worth giving the agent a call weekly so that you are always fresh in their mind when suitable properties become available. For those who want to stay ahead of the competition, calling everyday can be the way to find the best properties.

Letting agents are not regulated but do have a number of different bodies that strive to create an industry standard service. That said there are still some agents out there who will actively work towards hoodwinking customers. As a possible tenant you should never be asked to pay for information on properties, you should also never be charged to register your details with an agent. According to the Accommodation Agencies Act of1969 both of these practices are illegal and as such any instances of these actions should be reported to local authorities immediately.

Agencies can however legally charge for services before you have moved into a property. These are typically charges related to administrative duties and when itemized will appear on bills as inventory preparation, the authoring of tenancy agreements as well as referencing charges. Naturally the agent must recoup expenditure from making phone calls and sending written correspondence. By ensuring that your agency is a member of ARLA, there are certain safeguards that are given to you as a tenant.

Real Estate Agents

Hopefully this article has cleared up rental issues for prospective tenants, giving vital information on how to employ letting agents and how to ensure they are living up to their professional responsibilities. Renting is an extremely popular way to live and with a wealth of properties to let on the market today tenants are spoilt for choice. With this advice it should be possible to make the most of letting agents and find that perfect property.

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